3 Rules to Become a Better Writer

Okay before I start writing the main post I must admit that I am not anything near to what is called super-writer but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be writing this post right now. I love writing and every time I write or every time anyone writes it’s obvious to get better than the previous time we wrote. Every next time you write you become more flexible and creative with your words to decorate the thought through words.

Like drawing, singing and dancing writing is also a natural way to express your feelings, you just have to know the techniques so that others can understand what you are trying to express.You need to learn the rules, and once you have done that nothing can trouble you to write.

There are basically two kinds of writing, one is memorizing someone else’s words and writing them (as we all did in exams) and expressing your own thoughts through words aka creative writing. You can’t get better by the first one obviously so to become a better writer we have to choose the second option.

There are only three rules to remember when you are wanting to get better at creative writing:

Write: You have to do it to get better at it. You can’t hope, learn or visualize to get more out of yourself. You have to apply it, practically. This rule applies to anything you want to get better at. As it is for writing you have to do nothing but write to get better at writing, as simple as that.

Read What Others Wrote: The second rule is not inventing the wheel, there are many other people who wrote their own creative thoughts down to give you an idea what a human mind could do. Read books, the more is better. The more you read the more you learn new concepts, more ideas, more techniques and more versatile you will get with writing. Cause you will get the better way to present it so that the reader can digest it. The more author touches your thought process the better you get at writing because you will become a hybrid version of all of the authors with 1% extra of your own.

Write More: And the final rule is to write more. Write more often as you can. Repetition is the mother of all skills. Create a schedule of writing, at least, a thousand words per day. This will not will reduce clutter in your mind but also help to prepare more creative and fresh thoughts to write down.

And last but not the least, always remember to be proactive while thinking. Don’t get lost in thoughts that just wastes time. The best way to prevent this is to go deeper in the topic rather than going wider.

Stay awesome!


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