Getting Back on Track

It has been almost three months since I decided to regularly write to this blog. It also has been nearly twenty days I didn’t post anything new.

It all starts with committing and sticking to it. To get something done you have to keep doing it, constantly – as simple as that. But in this unpredictable even called life  shit happens.

No matter how committed you are you will eventually get distracted or of tracked, unintentionally. Emergencies occur, people dies and even sometimes some incidents lead your mind numb. When these type of turns appear out of nowhere in your life you feel out of control. Everything feels paused.

But in reality, time does not stop. It takes us some time to realize the waste and feel more guilty. At least that’s what happened to me. When schedules are skipped, habits are broken and  life turns upside down we procrastinate, unknowingly. Wait for the right moment to start over again. Wait for some magic to happen.

Nothing happens, nothing motivates to take control. You lose values, feel like giving up. You start collecting all the reason to not to get back up, and they are pretty strong.

Then suddenly one morning, someone in the mirror slaps you to wake up. Wake up from the illusions of no hope, wake up to dream again. This time reasons become stronger, values become stronger and ultimately you become stronger to hold yourself up again.

You recommit, you repromise and restart what was left undone. You realize that you are the one who was holding yourself back and now you also realize that you are the only one who can help yourself to get back on track.


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  1. Soma says:

    Its so true!! Level of maturity

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