5 Reasons to Blog

“To express yourself needs a reason, but expressing yourself is the reason” ~ Ai Weiwei

I am not a pro blogger but I love blogging. I have been blogging regularly for a couple of months. When I started writing posts my goal was mainly to share my goals and achievements for accountability but as I started writing posts about topics I love to learn and share I become more and more passionate towards it.

Starting anything is easy by maintaining is hard. I know how it feels when we ran out of reasons and motivations. You can’t use same motivation forever; you always have to upgrade it to feel the same you did at the starting. But for reasons in another hand if you choose them wisely based on their importance and meanings they can supply infinite motivation to do something. Reasons drive you.

Like any other things, there are thousands of reasons why you should blog. But personally I like compact and to the point writing because too any reasons will make me confused and lost from the main topic. That’s why I have shorted all the possible reasons and put them in five main categories.

5 reasons to blog:

  • It makes you more creative. Writing is a form of art. It makes you think differently every time. And when you are a freethinker at writing you get better at writing. You will automatically find new ways to express your thoughts via writing.
  • It makes you more accountable. You can use a blog as an online journal, where you share your life and goals. You will not only be more accountable for achieving the life you are committed to but also, many people will get inspired by seeing the progress from where you started to where you are today.
  • It gives you endless reasons to keep learning new things. When you are in love with writing you will always be guided toward interesting things you want to share. You will read more, watch documentaries and go to seminars to share the things you have learned and found valuable for your life.
  • It gives you a platform to express. You can blog to build a community by sharing your thoughts on recent events occurring on this planet. You can share your opinions and experiences to let others know your point of view. You can also learn about other people’s opinions by starting a debate.
  • It leaves a mark. What you put on the internet stays forever on the internet. By sharing your perspective of life it will become a memory of a person’s life, experiences, and lessons. It will become a time machine where you always go in the past to review it. And the best thing is when your perspective will become public many people would like to learn from your experiences.

So, there it was 5 reasons why you should blog. I hope it renews your motivation to blog more or start blogging.

In the end, the lifestyle of a regular blogger will make you more disciplined, focused, productive, and confident and a good thinker.

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Keep Blogging!!! 😀


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