Vegan Diet: Vitamin B12

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” ~ Jim Rohn

Like proteins and calcium, vitamin b12 is also an important part of a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 causes the natural and healthy functioning of the brain and plays a major role in forming blood. Cobalamin (B12) is a water-soluble vitamin that is only be found in bacteria.

Why we need vitamin B12?

Vitamins are not nutritious; they do not give you energy or anything. Actually, vitamins are personal managers of macro-nutrients; they help them to work on the right and required areas. And like other vitamins B12 also is a passive (But important) helper.

  • B12 Helps nerve cells and brain function correctly.
  • Helps to form blood cells.

How much we need?

As per RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) if you are having 2-3µg of B12 per day then it is enough.

As any of the animal bodies, fungi or even plants can’t produce B12 we have to have depended on those single celled sources. Animal food sources have this kind of vitamin because their body contains bacteria; so all the vitamin they have is actually borrowed.

I agree that fishes have enough vitamin B12 stored in their bodies but that is a disgusting path to get it. It’s like making an income source by killing someone because they have money! That’s why we vegans have plan B for this particular area.

What are the consequences of lacking B12 in a body?

Vegans lack sources of B12 in their diet, and it is must to be aware of the importance of we already know the active areas of B12 in our body, it is easy to guess what would happen if the body lacks it:

  • Problems in nervous and brain functioning.
  • Lack of blood cells.
  • Weak immune system.

How can I get B12?

Try supplements, the easiest way to get required amount of B12 in your body. Think about it, here are 5 reasons I am giving you to prove that supplements are a better option:

5 Reasons to go for Supplements:
  1. It is a less messy way. You have to options; either get some fish from the sea and process it until it’s edible so that you can digest it or buy a capsule and swallow it.
  2. Costs less. Sea food verses just a vitamin capsule.
  3. Fast. A huge difference between the times required for processing and digesting them.
  4. Accurate amount. You are aware (You don’t have to guess) how much you are intaking.
  5. Safe. Fish does not have only B12 in it; it has more unwanted stuff for your body.


As a vegan you may come up with a thought “Is B12 must?” That’s a normal curiosity because most of the vegans are brought up in a nonvegan diet and rarely have ideas about “why we eat what we eat?” like any other nonvegans (I personally think if a person has meat in the diet, they are not health conscious). But as soon someone shifts to a vegan diet they start learning about foods, they start identifying the necessities and useless/harmful food sources in the diet. And as they understand macro-nutrients they dig deeper toward vitamins and minerals. A normal vegan does not care about what is being eaten as long as “everything” is being eaten (Which is not). Just as an atheist knows more about religion than a theist, vegans are also aware of nonvegan diets and their effects. I am sure that all of the self-made vegans know what cobalamin is while on the other hand nonvegans who think they eat “everything” rarely have the idea what vitamins are. That’s the difference.

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