Vegan Diet: Calcium

“It takes 2000 gallons of water (Enough for a person to take bath 365 days regularly) and 1200 square meter of land (Enough to produce 150 kg potatoes) to create 1 gallon of milk, Now you decide.”

What is Ca?

Calcium is an important mineral for a healthy diet. It is a grey alkaline-earth-metal which helps our bones to stay rigid.

Why we need Ca in our body?

There are plenty of reasons behind calcium being one of the most important ingredients of our diet. 99% of the calcium in our body is bones and teeth and the rest is for other physiological works.

  • Ca gives the rigidity to our bones by building the outer layer of it.
  • Ca helps in clotting of blood.
  • Ca makes nerves and muscles function correctly.

How much Ca do we need?

Recommended adequate intake of calcium for a 19-50 years old person must be 1000 mg/day. A teenager needs 1300 mg of calcium per day and women older than 51 years need 1200 mg per day.


Many people believe that cow’s milk is the best source of calcium while scientists say that dairy products are not suitable for our bodies. Milk products like cheese, butter, curd & yogurt have 12% of Ca in them. A study in Sweden found that women consuming more than 3 glasses of milk per day had almost twice the mortality over 20 years compared to those women consuming less than one glass per day. In addition, the high milk drinkers did not have improved bone health but in fact, they had more fractures, particularly hip fractures. (more)

Consuming co


w’s milk in your diet:

  • Increase the chances of prostate and ovarian cancers.
  • The protein in milk triggers types 1 diabetes through a process called molecular mimicry.
  • Countries that consume a high amount of dairy products have a higher chance of multiple sclerosis.
  • Due to lactose intolerance, much of the world’s population is unable to digest milk.

Vegan sources of Ca:

As we can not have depended on cow’s milk for this vital ingredient for our health, we need to look for more natural sources of calcium. Nature has plenty of candidates who can serve us as a great source of this mineral:


Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium.




What do you think about the importance of calcium in a vegan diet? What are the ways you think a vegan can get enough calcium? Let me know your ideas and experiences being a vegan.

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