10 Reasons to Be Grateful (Right Now)

“It is not the happy people who are thankful. It’s the thankful people who are happy.”

In the previous post, I talked about reasons you should be happy for in your life. Just like being happy, being grateful is also an important feeling to our life. Accepting and appreciating all the things happened in your life not only makes you rich and fulfilled but also changes our state calmer and enjoying. When you feel grateful life becomes good cause you to know that everything you have, lost or experienced added value to your life and made you the person you are now.

Though there are infinite things you can be grateful for, here I listed top 10 things in my life I feel grateful about:

1) Feel grateful for being you. Experiencing the life’s incidents from your perspective has made you whatever you are now. You made your decisions yourself, you directed your own life and obviously, you had hard times but you recovered because you had faith in yourself. It’s not being responsible for everything happened in your life; it’s about accepting and enjoying the skin you are living inside.

2) Your health. You have your body isn’t that the thing to be grateful for? You have a heart that pumps blood thousands of times a day and a pair of lungs to keep you alive even when you are sleeping. There are lots of mechanism inside your body working unconditionally day and night from the day you were born just to keep you moving and feeling the experiences of life.

3) Nature. Feel grateful the way nature supports you. It gives you all the things you need to survive; it gives you food so you can eat, the air so you can breathe and shelter to help you to keep you safe. The source of every single thing you have in your life is nothing else but nature. Be grateful for having such a supporting friend.

4) Family and friends. When talking about the support you have people around you who give you love and respect. You have your family and friends who were there every time you were having an amazing time to increase the intercity and also when you were going through a hard time to reduce the pain by sharing it. If you have a dog (not a cat), appreciate them for being in your life, they love you unconditionally.

5) Necessities. You have every important thing you need to live and grow. You have food, air, knowledge, technology and so on. All these things made your life easy and worth living. Be thankful for having better transport and communication system.

6) Entertainments. Life would be boring without them. All the books, music, movies, and sports we have around our life makes us want to enjoy more, share more, live more and learn about new perspectives to see the life. Be grateful for having them in your life.

7) Public places. Ever noticed that someone thought about you and made some places like museums, theaters, parks, zoos and other public places so that you can wander and have the experiences. Thank them, it feels amazing.

8) Feelings. All the chemicals, emotions, and sensations that made your life colorful. You would be unable to enjoy life if they did not help you.

9) Time. Time gave you a sense of limit so that you can live a life to the fullest. It told you that it is the most valuable asset that you are losing minute by minute. I helped you measure your productiveness and growth.

10) Your life. The greatest teacher ever, the friend that makes you accountable by decorating the time you spend with varieties of experiences. Life is the one that hit you down and pulled you up so that you can get confident and deal the next situation better. Life the guide that took you places you didn’t know exists, taught you lessons you never heard and most importantly molded you into the person you are now. Be grateful that you are a part of this drama called life.

And in the end, feel grateful for all the people who dedicated their life to invent new possibilities to make our life easier. They wrote, drew, researched, invented, though and share from the beginning of the civilization and still continues to do to make us learn, grow and live.


What is/are that made you feel most grateful ever? Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and questions with me in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you think.


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