100 Questions You Should Ask Youeself

“Questions are the Answers.”

Your greatest discovery of your life will always be you.

There is nothing good or bad, right or wrong or truth or false in reality. You are the one who decides the meaning of something happened, is happening or will happen in the future. Everything you believe is the results of thoughts you have for them and the thoughts are the results of the questions you asked yourself. What does it mean to me? How can I use it to get the best result? or even, What if I can’t do it? Every other question you ask yourself leads your life towards the direction you want it to go. Better quality questions create better results.

Here’s a list of 100 questions you should try to ask yourself to understand and be aware where your mind is directing towards. These all simple, basic but effective questions are the reasons why I encourage you to take a piece of paper, a pen and most importantly time to answer these questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What does your name card say?
  3. What words describe your personality best?
  4. What is most important in your life?
  5. What are your top values in life?
  6. Where are you in your life right now?
  7. What are the ways to make your current state better?
  8. What are you happy about in life right now?
  9. What makes you happy?
  10. Why are you the happiest person in the world?
  11. What are you excited about in life right now?
  12. What is your life’s biggest achievement?
  13. What makes you feel achieved?
  14. What makes you feel growing?
  15. What are you proud about in life right now?
  16. What are you grateful for in life right now?
  17. What is the one thing that you are assured of?
  18. What makes you feel certain?
  19. What makes you feel confident?
  20. What are you enjoying the most in your life right now?
  21. Who loves you?
  22. Who do you love?
  23. What makes you feel loved?
  24. What love means to you?
  25. How many times have you fallen in love?

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is never to stop questioning”~ Albert Einstein

  26. What is most important, to love or to be loved?
  27. What friendship means to you?
  28. What does wealth mean to you?
  29. What is the task you can enjoy doing forever without even getting paid?
  30. What would you do if you don’t have to work for money?
  31. If finances did not matter would you still work at where you are now?
  32. What does health mean to you?
  33. What is the ideal physical look for you?
  34. How can you get that kind of physique?
  35. Who are the 5 people you spend most of your time with?
  36. How are they like?
  37. Who do you like to spend your most time with?
  38. What/Who inspires you the most?
  39. Who do you like to become in the future?
  40. How important is social approval to you?
  41. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  42. When was the last time you took a risk?
  43. When was the last time you laughed out loud?
  44. When was the last time you tried something new?
  45. When was the last time you did something spontaneously?
  46. When was the last time you cried?
  47. When was the last time you helped someone?
  48. Did you ever help a completely stranger?
  49. Do you live for others of for yourself?

    “Questions set off a processional effect that has an impact beyond our imagination. Questioning our limitations is what tears down the walls in our life -in business, in relationships, between countries. I believe all human progress is proceeded by new questions.”~Tony Robbins

  50. What do you want to be remembered for?
  51. How much time you spend in social media?
  52. What are the mistakes you are making over and over again?
  53. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from/about life?
  54. What was the last lesson you learned?
  55. What are the habits you want to quit?
  56. What are the 3 things you want to change or improve in your life?
  57. What is holding you back to achieve?
  58. How can you let them go to free yourself?
  59. What keeps you motivated?
  60. What is your dream life look like?
  61. What is/are the dream(s) that does not let you sleep?
  62. How much can you sacrifice to have the lifestyle of your dreams?
  63. What stops you to take the first step towards the life you dream of?
  64. Do you give up soon?
  65. Where do you want to be in 1 year from now?
  66. Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?
  67. Where do you want to be in 10 years from now?
  68. Where do you want to be in 20 years from now?
  69. Where do you want to be in 40 years from now?
  70. Are you in control of your life? Why or why not?
  71. What does freedom mean to you?
  72. Is there anything you are running away from? What is it?
  73. What is your biggest fear?
  74. What makes you afraid of it?
  75. How can you doubt your fear?

    “There is no stupid questions. Stupid people don’t ask questions” ~Unknown

  76. What is your deepest secret?
  77. What will you never forget?
  78. What was the most emotional moment for you?
  79. What is the most memorable moment of your life?
  80. What would you do if you had just one year left to live?
  81. What would you do if you had just one month left to live?
  82. What would you do if you had just one week left to live?
  83. What would you do if you had just one day left to live?
  84. What would you do if you had just one hour left to live?
  85. What would you do if you had just one minute left to live?
  86. Do you like your birthdays?
  87. Do you know how it feels to wake up with a smile?
  88. Do you listen to your heart or brain?
  89. Have you ever experienced any paradigm shift? When?
  90. The cup is half empty or half full to you?
  91. Are you at peace with yourself?
  92. What is the thing you will try if you knew that you could not fail?
  93. If you could end world hunger today by killing one innocent person, would you do it? Why or why not?
  94. If you could earn $10,000 for eating a bowlful of live cockroaches, would you? Why or why not?
  95. What would you do if you won a lottery?
  96. If everything was possible where would you live?
  97. What is the ultimate purpose of your life?
  98. Why must you meet your purpose of life?
  99. What is the quality that makes you stand out from the crowd?
  100. If your life was a book how many pages would it have?

*101. What are the lessons you learned about yourself while answering these questions?

Tips for answering:

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Take your time, you don’t have to answer all at once.
  • Ask the person who knows about you more than you know yourself. (Best friend?)
  • Don’t think too much, don’t try to make everything perfect.
  • Try to answer them often.

There it is a hundred questions to discover the true you. 

Please share your questions or experiences in the comment section bellow. I would love to hear from you.



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