3 Easy Steps to Live a Simple Life

Isn’t weird and frustrating how our life is becoming more complicated as we move toward future. We are constantly adopting, replacing and transforming our lifestyle day by day to keep up with the time! It’s good that we are allowing changes, but we are often making decisions that make our life messed up and out of control. We need to know the differences between necessities and luxuries; to have a simple, controlled and satisfying lifestyle.

Most people complain that life is not easy. But “Nothing has a meaning except the meaning you give it.” So, if we keep telling ourselves that life is supposed to be hard, it is hard and vice-versa. Then let’s believe that life is an easy, simple and beautiful journey.

To live a simple life we have to know what we want from life, what kind of lifestyle will make us enjoy the most about living.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius

There are 3 simple steps to lead your life toward simplicity. 1. Control, 2. Declutter and 3. Manage. 

1. Take Control: The remote control of your life is in your hand, you have the steering under your palms to direct life the way you want it. Of course, you are always free to be lazy and loose control over your life and regret or blame others later. But if you don’t want to do that, then understand and take control over these areas:

  • Emotions: Be in-charge. Emotions are results of your habits, you can easily change them in an instant!
  • Habits: Identify your regular habit patterns and decide to keep the ones that support your life the way you want it and replace others with more empowering ones.(More about habits)
  • Health:  Eat healthy, Workout daily and Breathe correctly.
  • Career: Decide your destiny and commit to taking actions to get there.

2. Declutter: The second step is to make the life less stressful by the art of removing and adding. Decluttering makes the actual situation clear and easy to control. Removing low-quality stuff and adding higher quality stuff not only makes you free from stress but also raises your standard. Areas you should focus to declutter are:

  • Mental life: Identify negative thoughts and remove them. Practice Meditation. Read good books to inspire your thoughts and also your subconscious mind to always have the rich taste of happiness, gratefulness and pride.
  • Physical life: It is better to have 5 good t-shirts than 30 dull ones. Find out which multiple objects can be replaced by one. Buy only when you have to and choose high-quality stuff.
  • Vocabulary: Update your word-stock. Remove the words that do not serve you. Adopt new vocabulary by reading books, following the speeches of role models or by identifying the words that empower you.
  • Digital life:  Unsubscribe and delete what you don’t need anymore.

3. Manage: The final step is to manage. Managing areas of your life will give you the perspective what you can do and what needs to do. You will get freedom as you get realized what your limits are. Try to focus on:

  • Finances: Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.
  • Time: Everyone of us has same 24 hours each day. Effective usage of it made life easy for many people. Use Timer and Stopwatch to get the best out of your day.
  • Relationships: Have quality time to spend, which will make relationships stronger. You can’t fix anyone unless they want to be fixed,just let go of toxic peoples.
  • Tasks: Don’t get overwhelmed by tasks. Prioritize, Organize and Schedule them. Do at least three high priority tasks per day.

And in the end, never forget to journal. Writing down about your life makes you accountable to yourself as you can observe the progress you are making and feel proud of it!

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If you have any questions or experiences to share feel free to do so. I would love to hear from you.



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