#VeganAnswers: 5 Questions We Often Get Asked (Part-4)

Got annoyed by answering questions for being(and proving) as a vegan. I can relate.

Is not it stupid that no-one asks non-vegans about where do they get proteins, calcium, and vitamins(and those high blood pressure and cholesterol reducer tablets)? It’s illiteracy to think animal-based products as a healthy and supportive diet. I was a non-vegan and I got enough pillars of references to support my belief that it was nothing good.

In this part, I will answer 5 more questions to help you figure out the reasons and profits to be a vegan!

1.What’s the problem with Honey and Eggs?

Lots of problems!

Honey is for bees and they work hard to earn it. Bees produce honey because they need it, not for we want it. I know honey is an important product for our human society but vegans are committed to stop using any animal products, it’s not being insane – it’s being practical.

And as far as it goes to eggs, it also is an animal product (If consider a chicken as an animal! IDK why you should not.). The poultry industry produces unfertilized eggs, now you can say that eggs don’t have a life inside it so it’s okay to eat it. Many people go Ovo-vegan thinking that it does not harm any animals. They forget the chicken who laid the egg, it gets slaughtered soon. Now you can say that I think too much, but should not we think enough of our body(Because it’s our first priority to take care of)? What we feed our stomach is what we feed our mind. If you blame me for overthinking well that means at least I am using my brain to think.

2.What about fishes?

Do I have to answer this?

3.Okay, you said you don’t eat animal products cause they suffer in the process, but what about plants they also suffer, don’t they have feelings?

Actually, they don’t. Suffering or any other feelings is a reaction of the nervous system. Everything we feel is a reaction of our brain through the nerves as per the situation we are put in. Plants don’t have any nervous system so they don’t feel anything. They rot and die because of the lack of nourishment. If you think they have a life span they don’t. Most of the plants die within a year because they put all their energy in fruits and seeds. If you don’t let them produce flowers and fruits they will live longer.

If you say that if eggs were supposed to live then sprouts also wanted to live. But that’s not the way you think. Everything ends up in not harming.(Why? Read here.)

4.If everyone stopped using animal products, it will be a mess.

You are right, lots of people will go jobless and industries will collapse and farmed animals will hardly survive. But it will only happen if it stops overnight. What about a tradition? Educating people to use more plant-based products instead of animal ones. It will inspire to plant more trees which will also help the environment! Think about it!

5.Vegan people are weak, both mentally and physically.

Yes, I agree. They are weak enough to give up supporting violence. But they have a stronger will to decide what’s best for themselves. Their influence comes from within.

And being physically strong, there a person named Patrick Baboumian who is vegan and carried 550 kilograms(1216 pounds) of weight to 10 meters. Most of the non-vegans can’t lift carry 1/5th of it. Basically, it means becoming stronger doesn’t depend on eating meat, it needs right diet, training and most of all will.


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I hope these answered your questions.

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