2016: January Goals Update

In the beginning of this year I wrote a blog post on my New Years Resolutions of this year.

Why I do this?  I have learned that by publicly declaring my goals motivates me easily, cause by committing to do something  publicly makes the goal must to achieve to avoid being look like a looser in front of everyone. It gives the ultimate reason to achieve to be accountable. [It’s like waving a red cloth in front of a bull to get motivation to run, even if you don’t want to :D]

It already been one month and here’s my updates:

Progress so far-

  1. Read 13+ books: Already finished the first book of the year. Anthony Robbin‘s Awaken the Giant Within. (Read the Review here)
  2. Build a passive income source: I have decided to start a  kindle e-book business. The first challenge I faced that I need a Credit Card. So, it seems there will be a bit delay but I will surely reach the destination! #Motivated
  3. Travel: I haven’t worked on this yet but I will surely achieve this goal before the year ends.
  4. Become vegan: I am slowly transforming from non-vegan to vegan by removing animal products one by one.  I still have to remove cow’s milk from my diet. The challenge is being just one vegan in family creates problems to prepare foods. But if I am committed there always is a way.
  5. Working out and Meditate: I did not focus on a particular area of working out. I tried everything from body-weight training, yoga to doing too much jump rope as a beginner. I did not have any certain plan, I am just building a system to love working out. Lately I learned about the importance of aerobic techniques and I will be practicing them for next few months.
  6. Blog: I love blogging. The more I write more I learn. I have posted 15 posts (Excluding New Year’s Resolutions) and I am happy that I was able to publish a post every other day.

Conclusion: I know there are still a lot of actions to take, decisions to make, lessons to learn and experiences to have in this year, but I am happy about the results I have by the first thirty one days of the year.

It just have been the first month, eleven more to go. If you still haven’t took massive actions toward achieving your goals on the wall, I encourage you to take control now. It’s never too late to take the first step.


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