10 Things To Do Before 10 a.m. Every Day

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.” ~Buddha

What we do in the morning will decide our mood for rest of the day. If we create some habits which will help us to start the day in the right mood and build up confidence for dealing with the rest of the day, wouldn’t that be nice?

Most of the successful people have a list of tasks to do regularly in the morning to be in the peak state throughout the day. Doing all of the things prepares your body and mind before you jump into daily life.

1. Smile and Hydrate: Smiling every morning as a fist thing releases some great hormones in your body which reduce stress and gives you a boost to enjoy life instantly. When you smile everything becomes easy.

How to smile when you don’t know why to smile: This is the first challenge. Who or what is going to make you smile or laugh when you wake up?  The answer is- if you have a face with two lips stuck on it, you have every equipment to smile. The key is our body and mind control each other. So, if your mind can’t make your body smile, let your body make your mind laugh. It’s simple, just stretch the corners of your lips toward the ears, to make it better use a mirror. Do it as an experiment, I am sure you will get addicted to smiling 🙂

The next thing is hydrating. Your body dehydrates while you are sleeping. It is a good habit to drink at least a liter water every morning after you wake up.

2. Stretch and Rebound: Same as your body needs water, your muscles also need to waken up. Do some stretch or even some yoga if you can. And also do some cardio workout for at least 1 minute. Try jump rope or even a trampoline. Rebounding will release toxins stored in your body and in bonus, it will make your heart and lungs stronger.

3. Ask morning Questions: It is one of the important things to do in the morning to reach your most productive state (Peak State). I use this list of questions I found in the book Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins:

  • WHAT AM I HAPPY ABOUT IN MY LIFE NOW?  What about that makes me happy? How does that make me feel? (10 Reasons to be Happy)
  • WHAT AM I EXCITED ABOUT IN MY LIFE NOW? What about that makes me feel excited? How does that make me feel?
  • WHAT AM I PROUD IN MY LIFE NOW? What about that makes me feel proud? How does that make me feel?
  • WHAT AM I GRATEFUL IN MY LIFE NOW? What about that makes me grateful? How does that make me feel? (10 Reasons to feel Grateful)
  • WHAT AM I ENJOYING MOST IN MY LIFE NOW? What about that do I enjoy? How does that make me feel?
  • WHAT AM I COMMITTED TO IN MY LIFE NOW? What about that makes me committed? How does that make me feel?
  • WHO DO I LOVE? WHO LOVES ME? What about that makes me loving? How does that make me feel?

Practicing asking these questions not just in the morning but often throughout the day helps to be more confident and be able to reach our 100% productivity easily. These questions really create a massive effect in your life. Try it!

4. Listen to Music: Though it is not necessary but listening to your favorite playlist every morning gives you a rhythm in life and makes it more easy and enjoyable. Music creates a tremendous effect on our emotion level that’s why it’s always been a benefit to listening some good music.

You don’t have to sit and just listen, you can do it while working out or cleaning your room, or even while having breakfast.

5. Clean up your Room: Clean your room, make your bed so that you don’t have to worry about it late in the day. Try doing it while asking morning questions or listening to music to make it more enjoyable and effective. It will create a distraction-less environment to help you focus on more important tasks while you are in the room.

6. Meditate or Read Books: Meditating in the morning will help you to focus on yourself and reading will make sure you are growing every day. You can do both, just meditate for 5 minutes and read 10 pages of a book(Try some useful books instead of some crappy novels).

I don’t always meditate, but I make sure I read at least 10 or more page every day. Jim Rohn said, “Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.” – I love this quote, isn’t it enough to inspire us to read books every day?

7. Review To-do list and Write Journal: Have the to-do list ready for the day, don’t do more than 3 most important tasks per day. Write a journal about the thoughts you have in the morning if you want to, it will make your day count in your life. As you grow and write a journal about your life experiences, it will always be awesome to read about the past experiences and feel the emotions in the future.

8. Have a Family Time: Have a family time, a simple and effective way to share the first moments of your day with your family. Do it after you have done all of the 7 steps above so that you will be in the peak state and create a positive impact in the lives of other members of your family. Have the breakfast all together(No matter who it is, your spouse, girlfriend, children, parents or even your roommate), it will strengthen the bonds between you and everyone will stay updated what is going on in other’s lives.

9. Make Personal Phone calls: The best time to wish someone or just doing some personal calls. When you are in a peak state, you radiate energy, confidence, and happiness which positively impacts on other people’s lives.

10. Do the Hardest task First: When you are done with your personal time and reached the peak state, take massive action on the fist and most important task of the day. Don’t stop until you finish. If you get interrupted, ask yourself, “Is it an emergency or is it a distraction?” Be wise enough to choose the label for the interruption and take required action.

So, here we have it, 10 things to do before 10 a.m. every morning.Thanks for reading. Please let me know your opinions about this post in the comment section. I will love to hear from you.

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