#VeganAnswers: 5 Questions We Often Get Asked (Part- 2)

Here’s another 5 questions answered on living a vegan life.

1. Aren’t we humans at the top of the food chain?

No we are not. We are in the food circle  (not chain). As we can eat other animals, then we should not have any problems with animals who eat humans (Tigers, Lions, Sharks etc.). It’s nature, and we are not anything outside of it. The circle goes like this:

Plants produces energy -> [Primary eaters are depended on plants -> Secondary eaters are depended on primary eaters -> Tertiary eaters are depended on secondary eaters -> Quaternary eaters are depended on tertiary eaters] -> Plants are depended on primary to quaternary eaters to get CO2 and the nutrients from the decomposed bodies after they die.

Plants are 100% source of energy, then the primary stores 10%, secondary stores 1%, the tertiary stores 0.1%, and the quaternary has 0.01%. So, we get only the 1/10 of energy if we depend on primary eaters.

2. Why do we have canine teeth?

To have a complete set of teeth. It doesn’t matter. Just because we have canines (0.6 cm long) it doesn’t make us meat eaters while gorillas have larger ones but chose to be plant eaters (5.08 cm). So, it doesn’t even matter, it’s always been our own choice on what to eat. Just because we have canine teeth we don’t have to be meat eaters. And it also has been proved that our body doesn’t need animal products to survive.

3. What’s wrong with cow’s milk?

Veganism is avoiding animal based products. And cow’s milk is obviously an animal product.

For another point pasteurized cow’s milk is nothing but a acidifying animal protein. Also it contains way too much protein which creates dis-balance in our metabolism.

4. Cavemen were not vegans, they ate meat!

Are we still cavemen? Cavemen went for hunting to get food, the slept inside caves and ate lice out of their wives hair, wore skins of animals and defecated at their backyards. If we don’t follow other habits cavemen had then there is no meaning in following their eating habits.

5. Where do you get calcium?

From leaves. Leafy greens have enough source of calcium. And even if we are unable to find leafy veggies we prefer calcium supplements which only takes  3 seconds to get inside our stomach rather than preparing a time consuming meal just to make sure our body is getting enough calcium.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and got some information form it. Let me know your experiences and opinions about it, I’d love to hear from you.


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