#VeganAnswers: 5 Questions We Often Get Asked (Part-1)

There’s a saying about vegans I frequently find online. “How to find out if someone is vegan? – Don’t worry they will tell you.” This joke makes me laugh too. This is also the truth, we vegans ( Yup! I am a vegan and I said it!) have to declare it more often because we get served (By someone who deeply “cares” for our health) non-veg dishes. We also feel annoyed by this but I think saying “I am Vegan” is better than having a big bold tattoo on the forehead so that others’ get acknowledged that I eat nothing but plants and soil (aka salts, and other minerals in case if you wondered). So, I found that it would be helpful if I can blog answering the most common questions vegans get asked by curious people.

Here It goes:

1. Where do you get your Proteins?

This is the greatest question of the universe, It takes lots of efforts and some pretty tough formulas to get proteins from leaves and roots! IDK why everyone becomes protein expert as soon as they hear that you are vegetarian, they never ask a non-vegan. Who started the myth that animals are protein, it’s ridiculous! If animals were protein then a lion should be more buffed than an elephant!

But seriously from the same place, the meat gets protein. Plants are the main source of protein, animals don’t produce it, they just store it.

Veggies have 2-10% of protein inside them. Sprouted beans (13%) have more protein than egg whites (11%). Beans, lentils, mushrooms, broccoli, leafy greens, peas and a lot more in the family who have enough source of proteins.

So, non-vegetarians are actually getting plant proteins (indirectly, with lots of effort and time and money!)

2. Vegan foods are expensive!

It depends on what you call a vegan dish. If you think that some exotic dishes at some expensive food store, hotel or restaurant then you are right! If you think some vegan burgers or some fabulous looking salads are costing you a heavy wallet, then you are right. But when it comes to preparing them at home, where decorating them is less important than eating, you will get it cheap. Actually, rice, peas, lentils or any basic vegan meal sources will cost far less than meat.

If you think the long term, vegan meals don’t come with heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases like them. And in bonus, you don’t have to burn thousands of calories to digest veggies!

3.  Vegetables taste bad!

Just add some salt to it (if you haven’t ruined your blood pressure by overeating cholesterol). Promise to yourself that you will avoid unwashed and rot ones next time. Don’t blame at vegetables just choose the right ones to eat. I can bet a vegan juice feels better in both mouth and stomach than any non-veg dish. Try it!

4. You are a picky eater!

Everyone is. We all have our own choices to eat. There is no rule that if I am a vegan I have to eat all kinds of veggies of the world. Non-vegans are also picky, they don’t eat cats and dogs (there are some places where cats and dogs are eaten, they have the same belief as any other non-vegans) for example. So, if you don’t feel comfortable eating all kinds of dishes in your chosen category, don’t eat it.

5. How do you handle receptions and parties where there are no veg dishes?

It’s simple. I don’t eat. If the invitee is not careful enough to keep some vegan dishes for the vegetarian guests, that’s okay. I return back to my home and have some that I love. I wonder what would happen if there was a party with only vegan food?

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If you have faced same questions, “How did you react?” Let me know in the comment section. “Like” and “Share” this if you have enjoyed it. Subscribe to my blog to get more posts like this in your email inbox.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel-Elaine says:

    I get the protein question all the time. I typically just share with them a chart of plant based proteins. I also track my food in chronometer randomly and then share that info. I’ve never had a problem getting enough protein.


    1. Ritwik Chakraborty says:

      I can relate. All the time.


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