My top 5 favorite blogs

I have to admit that there are many people who have inspired me through books, youtube videos, audio programs, blogs and every single way possible. Here’s a list of top 5 blogs that have added so much value in my life:

(1) ProjectLifeMastery Most favorite blog! Stefan Pylarinos is the reason I got introduced to the idea of self-improvement. Before I found his channel,YouTube was just a place to watch cat videos! is buffed with rich contents. It includes tips, guidance, inspirations and motivation for every possible area of life. From productivity and finance guidance to  awesome interviews and his goal updates (for extra inspirational boosts!) he covers all of the areas you need to focus on your life.

(2) FourHourBlog : Author of the bestseller TheFourHourWorkWeek Tim Ferriss has a great way to share his smarter ways to live life. The blog is filled with a huge amount of tools and techniques to live smart, not hard. If you have read his books (Highly Recommended!!) you know that he suggests to master techniques to get maximum value in the small amount of time. He also covers some other awesome segments like “Tim Ferriss Show” and “Tim Ferriss Experiment“.

(3) ZenHabbits Leo Babauta started in 2007 just to  share how he lives a simple life. He writes about ways we can apply zen in our life and inspires us to live a physical and mental decluttered life. If you visit his blog you will know how simple but effective a designed blog could be. It is really amazing to learn from him.

(4) TheMinimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are the founders of I learned about them through this TED video where their presentation on minimalism was a paradigm shift for me (Awesome enough to funnel me in!). Almost like zenabits they focus on how materials we own end up owning us. They introduced me to the concept of “less=more“.

(5) NoMeatAthlete  I am really into veganism and Matt Frazier has a great way to feed my desire and maintaining my beliefs on veganism. This blog really helped me going vegan and is full of recipes, nutrition, motivation and much other awesome stuff. If you are going vegan will be beneficial for you.   

I agree that there are far more than only 5 blogs to mention, I love other blogs like TED, Problogger, CopyBlogger and so on. I am really grateful for these bloggers who passionately giving us so much  information, knowledge, wisdom and helping me to improve my life.


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