#GoalSetting 2: 9 Tips to Achieving Your Goals

On #GoalSetting1, I discussed some steps and tips to set goals. In this post, I will give you 9 simple but effective tips that will turn your goals into achievements.

The only thing you have to do is keep in mind these 9 fundamental rules of achievement:

(1) Think Like a Child:

“Dream, dream, dream… Dreams turn into thoughts and Thoughts turn into actions.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

When you are setting a goal think like a child, forget about all of the doubts and disbeliefs. You can have whatever you want to have and you are designed to be what you decide to be. There are no limits, you get whatever you ask for.

 (2) Be Passionate:

Don’t set goals that doesn’t serve you. Set goals that you really want to achieve. Do what will improve your life and inspire yourself being you. Setting unwanted goals will just increase stress in your life.

(3) Create a Belief System:

Make a list of all the pleasures you will get if you achieve this goal and a list of all the pains you have to face if you don’t achieve this goal. Review this list every day to create a belief why achieving the goal is a must for you.

(4) Study about Your Goals:

Read, learn and grow. Find sources that will make your will power of achieving the goal stronger. Study the ways you can improve strategy. Model people who already have the life you want to have, follow their strategies.

(5) Keep Your Body Healthy:

Whatever your goal is to make sure you are taking care of your body first, it always should be the top priority. Your body is where you live in; you want to have it when you achieve your goal. Get a healthy eating pattern, a proper exercise routine and keep maintaining them. Never stop learning about your body and remember that Healthy body=Healthy mind.

(6) Make Your Goals Public:

This is the best way to to make sure you are actually achieving your goals. Telling your goals to your family, friends and even to the person you have just met will increase the chances of getting asked about your progress towards the goals. You will face guilt or embarrassment if you do not make the progress. Making public commitments creates a strong momentum and enough motivation to take steps. And you will be more accountable each time you achieve certain goals. This is the reason I published my 2016 new year resolutions in this blog.

(7) Take 1 Step Every Day:

Improving yourself just 1% each day and in a year you are

1.01365 = 37.8

Degrading just 1% each day and in a year you are

0.99365 = 0.03

Keep a goal journal and make sure you are getting closer to the goal every night you go to bed. Don’t get overwhelmed if your goal is bigger than your beliefs; you don’t have to achieve it within 2 days. Just take small steps every day. Working on your goal should be your daily habit. You have to regularly condition and improve yourself physically, emotionally and mentally as you work toward your dream.

(8) Have a Reward System: 

“What gets rewarded, gets repeated.”

Celebrate your achievements. Set rewards for you after you achieve your goals. Train your brain (like you train a dog or a dolphin to do some tricks in exchange for treats, the treats are rewards of achieving certain things) to act on your goal so that every achievement becomes celebration and celebrations become pleasures that  motivate you to achieve again.

(9) Master The Strategy: 

Set the start and end clearly. Don’t get overwhelmed if your goal is bigger than your Follow the SMART rule while setting the goals. If know what you want and how you will get it you are halfway there to get it.


And that’s it!

Here you have it the top 9 fundamental rules to achieve your goals. All of them are essential and very helpful.


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