#GoalSetting 1: The Art of Setting Goals

  “If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal. Not to people or things.”

-Albert Einstein

  We all have a dream-line of our life that we want to reach and live. We all want to reach for the most comfortable lifestyle that will make us feel fulfilled. We all want the perfect health, finance, and relationships that we always been dreaming of. Let’s be realistic, we can be/have whatever we want if we know what we want to be/have.

Goals are the steps that direct your life towards the ultimate target you have set for yourself. And achieving goals creates a sense of fulfillment and growth in us. Setting goals are easy if you keep the S.M.A.R.T. rule in your mind.

  • SPECIFIC: Make sure what you exactly want.
  • MEASURABLE: Create a start and end point of the race.
  • ACHIEVABLE: With a challenging reason.
  • REALISTIC: It has to be in your belief zone (if it’s not, change your belief or the goal)
  • TIME-FRAMED: Set deadline of each step.


Use these 3 points while starting to act on goals:

  1. Practice perfection first and then speed up: Slowly but consistently start until it becomes habitual to you, then start speeding up the process. [Example: If you want to be doing 30 push ups per day start with one.  After you can do that easily then add 2,3,4…]
  2. Start small but take massive action: Work on small part of it but take continuous concentrated action within certain time-frame. [Example: If your goal is to be able to type 4000 words/hour, start with as easy as 500 words/hour goal at first. Set a timer and push yourself to reach that target before time goes out. Then try 750 and further. Reaching small easy steps and taking massive actions towards the goal will build a strong backbone of your confidence which will slowly but permanently help to reach the ultimate goal easily]
  3. Regularly check progress: Make sure to review your growth towards the goal every monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. The difference between day 1 and day 30 or 365 will create a sense of improvement which also will help to make the ultimate goal more realistic and achievable. [I do not recommend checking progress every 24 hours, 60 minutes or even every second, it’s not healthy for your belief system]

It is a good activity to write down the goal on a paper keeping mind the above rules,and reading it daily. Using strong positive words like easily, confidently, effortlessly etc. while writing because it improves the belief of achieving the goal in our subconscious mind every time we read it.

Here is an example:

 “I will easily (verb) (Goal) by doing (Process) before (DATE) while enjoying the process

It is also better to set goals for different areas of like physical goals, financial goals, education goals, travel goals and relationship goals.

Example of a Physical goal:

“I will easily be 170 lbs with 8% body fat by working out daily and maintaining the diet before 31.12.2015 while enjoying the process”


Here now I will encourage you to write down your goals for different areas of your life and take massive actions towards achieving them.

[Click here to know more about goal setting]

Please comment below let me know your opinion about this post or let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to hear from you.




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