The Start: A Dream


This is my first post and when I was starting it I thought, “How should I start it?” And after a long walk down in memory lane I suddenly got this topic: DREAM. It now seems the perfect topic to start a blog because everything starts with a dream and follows with the dream. I am not a super-writer but obviously a dreamer. And all of my future posts will be as small as possible because the future is to make large things smaller and more accurate. 🙂

So, let”s talk more about dreams.

In this big world every one of us holds a bigger dream. A dream which will make our life full of purpose, a dream that will lead us towards the life we want to live, a dream that will make a difference ad a dream that will influence. everything man-made we see around us is a result of someone’s dream. A dream that pushed the human race forward, a dream that made out life better and a dream that reminds us that every thing is possible.

Now the question comes is ‘How do we achieve our dreams?’ We all know the answer, the one simple rule, “Never Give Up”. Giving up is just an excuse to make yourself believe that “you can’t do ANYTHING”.  We have to be sincere and protective towards the dream we are holding in our mind. There surely will be setbacks and naysayers but as we know there is only one rule, “NEVER GIVE UP”.

Dream is a sum of many small goals and achievements. A dream has to be an endless journey with lots of goals. And we have to be determined and disciplined to achieve them to have dream life.


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